Haircare Routine + Favs


If there’s one thing I don’t leave the house without touching, it’s my hair. Cursed with naturally pin-straight hair, my curling iron is my weapon of choice on a daily basis, and not without a product or two to help me along the way…

Disclaimer! This video is old (as you can tell from my hair color), but many of the products are ones that have found their way into becoming staples. I’ll be releasing an updated haircare favorites soon, accompanied by a balayage experience recap! 🙂

Products I use:

  • Theorie shampoo + conditioner

The Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Shampoo and Theorie Grapefruit Revitalizing Conditioner are the ones in the video, but I can vouch for any of their shampoos and conditioners. I was first drawn to their products because they’re sulfate-free, and the only ones I’ve found so far to really get my hair feeling clean without weighing it down.

I did receive this set free for the purpose of honest review, but I really love the soft tropical scent and formula of both of these! They get nice and sudsy, and with just a quarter-size amount in your palm.

At first, I only bought this product because Kristin Ess (Lauren Conrad’s hairstylist) raved about it a couple of years back. And now, this is my second bottle — and it’s almost empty. Again. When my hair is damp, I give it a few spritzes all over and finger-comb through my hair to evenly distribute the product, leaving it feeling healthier and softer than before.

I’m a few years late on blogging about this, but if you still haven’t gotten your hands on argan oil yet, it’s not too late!!! Argan oil is a great all-around product for your hair and skin, moisturizing it so you wake up feeling soft the next morning. Apply it to damp hair after showering, focusing on the ends of your hair. Squirt a bit onto your finger and rub into your skin wherever desired.

It’s hard enough getting my hair to keep a curl or texture let alone finding a hairspray capable of taking on the challenge — especially one that won’t make my hair crunchy or sticky. This one does both, and well. Every single one of my friends who I’ve used it on while doing their hair have commented on how great it smells, too. It might be time for a new can soon…

What are your holy grail hair products? I’m always looking to test out a new product or two 😉