My List

What can I say? I’m a starry-eyed optimist, a stubbornly ambitious, hopeless romantic, with big dreams, a long list (as you can see), and a passport. I’m also a believer in the impossible… which is why I’m sure this list will continue to grow as I cross things off.

Adventure is out there!

Thanks to Jessica Slaughter and Mostly Morgan for the inspiration.


Go to Ireland
Go to England
See Platform 9 3/4
Go to France
Go to Spain
Go to Rome
See the Colosseum
Go to Venice
Go to Santorini
Go to Amsterdam

See the tulip fields
Go to Iceland
Visit Blue Lagoon

See the Northern Lights
Go to Paris
Go up the Eiffel Tower
Have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower
Go to South Korea
Put a love lock on Namsan Tower
Eat street food (ddeokbokki, tornado potato, hoddeok, etc.)
Visit Jeju Island
Go to Hawaii
Go to Hong Kong
Visit the night markets
Go to China
Climb the Great Wall
Go to Japan
Eat sushi
Go to Australia
See the Sydney Opera House
Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef
Hold a koala
Go to Bora Bora
See the Christ the Redeemer statue
Go on a safari
Go to South Africa
Go to Alaska
Go to Seattle
Go to Portland
Go to Antarctica
Float in the Dead Sea
Go to Pompeii
See the pyramids
See Stonehenge
See the Sahara Desert
Go to New Zealand
See where they filmed the hobbit
Visit all 50 states
Go to San Francisco
See the Grand Canyon
See the California redwoods


Go backpacking
Live/work in New York City
Use the subway to get around like a native
Live/work in London
Go bunjee jumping
Go snorkeling
Go scuba diving (and see tropical fish/sea turtles)
Be in a rainforest
Get married
Have kids
Be old in the English countryside
Own a house
Own an apartment
Have my own dogs
Do a cross-country trip (3 times)
Learn the ukelele
Do karaoke in public
Do a juice diet
Meet a celebrity
Drink a butterbeer at Harry Potter World
Open a bakery
Learn how to do a cartwheel
See a Broadway Musical
See the floating lights
Swim in an infinity pool


Do something I absolutely love
Make a huge career leap
Get to the top of whatever I’m doing
Get published
Write a book
Write/illustrate a children’s book


Graduate from college
Be fluent in Chinese
Be fluent in Korean
Actually know my DSLR in/out
Learn AfterEffects
Become fluent in Photoshop
Become fluent in InDesign
Become fluent in Illustrator
Become fluent in Premiere
Learn Final Cut Pro
Go to a Yoga class
Be a regular at the gym
Master how to bake croissants
Master how to make macarons
Go to a live-taping of a talk show
Eat organic
Produce minimum trash
Journal consistently for 1 year


Start a vlog
Actually vlog daily for 1 month
Start a blog
Actually blog regularly for 1 month
Get 5,000 followers on Instagram
Get 10,000 followers on Instagram


In no particular order (leave recommendations!)

Forrest Gump

Lord of the Rings
Star Wars (actually understand it this time)
Harry Potter
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Roman Holiday

My Fair Lady
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Breakfast Club
The Godfather
The Sound of Music
The Matrix
Pretty Woman
When Harry Met Sally
Sleepless in Seattle
A Walk to Remember
Bridget Jones’s Diary
Dirty Dancing
10 Things I Hate About You
Begin Again
The Notebook
Me Before You
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Say Anything
The Neverending Story
500 Days of Summer
Fight Club
Some Like It Hot
Pulp Fiction
Moonrise Kingdom
West Side Story
Gone With The Wind (finish it)
It’s A Wonderful Life
A Streetcar Named Desire
La La Land
Pride and Prejudice
Back to the Future
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Dead Poet Society


In no particular order (leave recommendations!)

The Bible
Harry Potter
The Giver
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
The Great Gatsby
Brave New World
Farenheit 451
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
In Cold Blood
The Diary of a Young Girl
The Little Prince
I Am Malala
Animal Farm
Lord of the Flies
The Grapes of Wrath
The Kite Runner
The Color Purple
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
The Poisonwood Bible
The Da Vinci Code
Great Expectations
A Wrinkle in Time
Tuesdays with Morrie
Flowers for Algernon
A Game of Thrones
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
All The Light We Cannot See

Last updated: September 2017

  • Amanda

    This post is so fun! I need to make one like this, it lets people know a lot about you. Are used to live in Alaska, so I’ve seen the Northern lights! They are amazing

    • Thank you! Yessss do it. And link it to me when you do, I wanna see it 🙂
      OMG SO JEALOUS! They look breathtaking, I heard Alaska is absolutely beautiful

  • Emma Jane

    This is such a good list! You’ve got me thinking about my list now…

    • It’s always been in the back of my mind, but it was a good excuse to get everything down on “paper”!

  • Alex Cho

    Love your lists!! And you definitely need to go to Seattle 😉 I have tons of recos!

    • Thanks girl! I hope I’ll hit you up for ’em soon 😉

  • Ashley Battle

    learn you DSLR inside and out that’s for sure! haha it seem so complicated! But you’ve already done so much of this list you could probably finish this in a year! haha

    • I know! Even after all these years… I can’t say I’m 100% sure of every button lol. And omg NO WAY there are SO many places on here (even if I had the time, I need the $$ HAHA)

  • Savanna SWM

    What a fun list! Good luck! Looks like you’ve already made a crazy sizable dent on it!

    • Oh it’ll grow, trust me (I’ve already got more ideas coming! haha)

  • Kendra

    Your lists are awesome! I can’t wait to see what things you check off your list next!

  • Mattie

    This is such a good idea! Definitely going to be taking inspiration from this!