Sweet 16 Photo Session

I’m used to feeling young, especially since many of the people I meet react with shock and say, “You don’t look 21!” This time, it was my turn to feel old! This past Sunday, I met with Candy at the golden hour (ugh, beautiful) for a portrait photo session for her upcoming sweet 16 birthday party.

Before I dive in: I didn’t plan for photography to be part of my blog, but I couldn’t help but share some of the photos! It’s one of my many passions that I’ve been pursuing for a few years, and what better way to share an experience?

Coming in, I was a little unsure, as I’d never photographed a horse before… and, like dogs, you’ve got to catch them at the right moment. As someone who knows almost nothing about horses, I have to say I was impressed by Candy’s understanding of Princess Leia (her horse). Luckily, with some coordination (and luck!) we got some great close-ups and action shots in the field.

Candy’s smile and happiness radiated beautifully in the photographs, and her she was really relaxed and easy to work with. We even tried some shots with her cowboy hat (complemented the boots!) and a baby blue set of 16 foam numbers.

I think the best part of the shoot was the location. Even with golden hour lighting, it can be a challenge to find a place where the light really shines (no pun intended). We met at a field, part of the farm where Princess is kept part of the time. Most of the shots we took were in front of the only big tree on the top of a hill, surrounded by a golden field, and the sun right behind to shine through the branches.

Especially with portraits, I really try to focus on the person. This seems obvious, but a simple, pretty background like this field was the perfect setting for the occasion. The background wasn’t distracting at all, and the lighting definitely played in our favor: illuminating in all the right places and glowing right where we needed it.

It was refreshing to get back into the game, and fitting with a celebratory portrait session — my favorites to shoot!

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What are your favorite types of photos to shoot?