A Pop of Blue: Statement Earrings

So I’m currently at seven piercings (and counting), but I’m still craving a couple more: a midi and conch. It’s hard when you’ve got no pain tolerance and your cartilage takesΒ forever to heal. Did anyone else’s turn green and blue while healing?!

Earrings are one of the few pieces of jewelry I wear on a daily basis without fail, and these statement ones are the perfect pop of color and fun for a touch of class to any outfit. If you haven’t scrolled past a pic of these on Instagram, this style has been flooding my newsfeed for the past month, solidifying it as a cute summer statement piece. Here’s your chance to hop on the trend!

Did I mention that this color is actually super versatile? This pair is a beautifully striking cobalt with gold details. Blue (along with red) I’ve always felt like is one of the colors that can pretty much go with anything β€” as a statement color or as a complement with other colors! I chose to pair it with a simple black tank (the color that dominates 90% of my closet) which really shows how much it can upgrade an outfit!

I’m a detail oriented person in general, so I’ve got to highlight the intricate detailing on these earrings. Each of the beads is wrapped with the bold blue yarn and finished cleanly and completely. Gotta appreciate the little things, am I right?

My only reservation is the weight of the earrings. For me, it’s not too bad because I used to wear dangly earrings frequently, but for those with “weak” lobes, take caution! This is part of the reason I think they’re made for special events and parties πŸ˜‰



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Have I sold you on them yet? πŸ˜‰ You can find them here.

I received these earrings from VK Accessories in exchange for honest review.

What are your go-to pieces right now?