First Impressions: Neostrata Sheer Hydration

I love doing my makeup, and that means skincare is the most important step to start with. If you’ve got a good foundation, you’re set! That being said, taking care of my skin is no easy feat, especially since my skin type is oily and acne-prone (here’s how I fight the breakouts). I tend to stick with a few staples and switch out certain steps as needed, including my newest addition: the Neostrata Sheer Hydration.

I’ve spent a majority of this summer under the sun — I even got my first sunburn. Not a huge deal for most people, but I’ve never worried about sun damage because of my tan complexion. Admittedly, I’d spent that day on the beach and cruising on ATVs under the Santorini sun (look out for a post on that!), but it just goes to show that taking care of your skin, no matter the conditions, isn’t something to overlook.

Soaking up a little vitamin D is great for the complexion, but ensuring you’ve got adequate coverage comes first! Right now I’ve been using the Neostrata Sheer Hydration in SPF 35. I’m new to the brand, and wanted to give it a shot. Fun fact: Neostrata was founded in 1988 by two dermatologists!

First impression: lightweight, buildable, non-greasy (oil-free, as advertised!), and nonscented. I’m not too picky with the sunscreens I use on my body, but I’m pretty specific with what I put on my face. Because I use sunscreen on the daily (right before I put on makeup), there are a few things I look for:

  • Nongreasy/nonsticky
  • Lightweight (not cakey or chunky)
  • Nonscented/subtle scent
  • Natural finish
  • High coverage

This sunscreen hit all the marks! The only thing I’d wish were different is the SPF. I’d probably opt to use this sunscreen on a day I’m not spending completely outside, especially since it’s recommended that you reapply this suncreen every two hours.

It’s rare to find a suncreen that does almost all of these things! In the past, I’ve used several Korean brands, Kiehl’s, and Neutrogena. While I’ve been obsessed with using my Kiehl’s regularly, this Neostrata has already found its way into the rotation.

Another point to note is the price tag on this suncreen. It’s set at $48 (for a 1.75 fl oz bottle), which might be a bit steep if you’re using it on the daily or if you’re using it for your entire body. The instructions recommend sticking to your face and neck, which is what I’d use. It might be good to use it on days you’re splitting your time indoors and outdoors, and if you’re going lighter on the face makeup to make for easier reapplication.

If you’re looking to double up on the benefits, this sunscreen is advertised as evening skin tone and firming skin. It’s formulated with NeoGlucoasmine®, a product unique to the NeoStrata brand. The agent aims to erase dark spots, exfoliate, and help with anti-aging. While I’m not as focused on the anti-aging properties, I’m hopeful since the product follows through on all other claims!

Of course, never rely on one product alone! Protecting your skin from the sun is a big job, which is why I’m sharing a few other tips to supplement the sunscreen:

  • BB cream/foundation with SPF
  • Sunglasses/hat
  • Avoiding direct sunlight

Final thoughts: I’m a fan. Not sure if I’d make this suncreen my go-to because of the price tag, but I think the formula is wonderful and the size makes it convenient to pack with you on the go. It’s a nice product for all skin types, and for my fellow oily-skinned gals, don’t fear! This sunscreen’s got you covered 😉

I received this suncreen from Neostrata in exchange for honest review.