The 5 Things I’ll Miss Most About Virginia Tech

Never thought I’d say this, but I’ve actually found myself missing the little town of Blacksburg! It’s usually because I’ve opened a Snapchat or Instastory, but nonetheless it’s the memories of the past four years that bring me right back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not longing for the past, but back-to-school season almost demands a blog post or two about school, amirite? And seeing as it’s my post-grad life, it’s time to do a little reminiscing…

  1. College vibes. Whether you’re at Gucci Krogeror Sushi Factory/O-Pass, you’ll run into a friendly face. Alumni, professors, townies, peers… you know that you’re always among Hokies.
  2. Roomies. Living with and right across from your friends is awesome. Sure, you’ve got your disagreements and roommate drama from time to time, but what’s better than being five feet from the person you’re friends with?
  3. A small town. This may be more small-town specific than Blacksburg-specific, but there’s a beauty in feeling isolated from the rest of the world. It forces you to spend your time with friends, get to know the same places over and over until you’re regulars, or just buckle down and study (HA, just kidding).
  4. Blacksburg weather. A bittersweet memory and a double-edged sword for sure. Any of you been hit by the Blacksburg plague? If you haven’t been yet, just know it’s coming. Winters are unforgiving and summers make you glad to get out of town. There was even a frostbite warning in VT alerts last winter! Plus, it’s always a fun game to guess if you’ll ever get classes cancelled (yeah, right).
  5. Campus. Is it really a Blacksburg appreciation list without camps itself? No hate to the Blacksburg winters here… what else would truly make Burruss and East Egg feel like Hogwarts? Fresh footprints in the snow and blistering winds while braving the Drillfield with the iconic snow-frosted Hokie stone is truly a magical sight.

While I love Blacksburg winters and a small-town vibe, I’m currently writing this from my backyard in sunny San Diego (which may be part of the reason I talked about snow so much). Blacksburg is an escape from real life, just like college, but I’m happy to be back in civilization enjoying the west coast sunshine.

What are your favorite college memories?